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Movies named after cities
ovie gets city name when movie creators are sure that the city is not just point on the map. If city name is enough for being full title of an important movie then the city is a major for civilization.

• Gaps between the America, Asia and Europe plus Africa are clearly visible. But South Asia and Far East plus Australasia are in various modularity classes of the graph. Again, as in the megacities graph.
• Paris is in the very center of the graph. Maybe the point is Lumière brothers that are the earliest filmmakers.
• Movie gets name of a populated place less than city when this place is related to death (war, murder etc.) This explains why the place is still small (not a city yet). For example: Andersonville (prisoner-of-war camp), Balibo (murders), Fargo (murders), Guernsey (suicide), Jerichow (war veteran), Kolberg (siege), and Waterloo (battle). But if the place is related to life, it is populating.

Every listed city has population 100,000+ people.
Every listed city has 1+ movie and/or series that is:
- named after the city that is in present
- named after the city but not after the hero
- not short
- not documentary
- voted 10+ times on IMDB

Firstly, every such city has 1+ international airport.

Total 56 moviecities. Vertices of the graph.
Connections are regular non-stop flights between moviecities. Edges of the graph.
Visualizing of the graph is force-based: connections are equally elastic; system is calmed.

Some countries have more than one such city:
The USA has 11 cities.
China, India, Italy each has 3 cities.
Germany, South Korea, Russia, Spain, the UK each has 2 cities.

Paris has 4 films, including the oldest in the list.
Istanbul has 3 films, every of 17 cities have 2 ones, other have only one.
1920’s — 2 films
1930’s — 4 films
1940’s — 8 films
1950’s — 7 films
1960’s — 1 film
1970’s — 1 film
1980’s — 8 films
1990’s — 11 films
2000’s — 37 films.

Calculated modularity classes in alphabetical order:
• Green contains Europe, Africa and South Asia.
• Red contains Oceania and Asia except South Asia.
• Yellow contains Americas.

Cities in order of longitude beginning decimal time zone number 0:
0 Lisbon (Portugal)
0 Bamako (Mali)
0 Casablanca (Morocco)
0 Madrid (Spain)
0 Liverpool (UK)
0 London (UK)
0 Barcelona (Spain)
0 Paris (France)
0 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
0 Genoa (Italy)
0 Milan (Italy)
0 Nuremberg (Germany)
0 Munich (Germany)
0 Rome (Italy)
0 Copenhagen (Denmark)
0 Tripoli (Libya)
0 Prague (Czech Republic)
0 Ljubljana (Slovenia)
0 Vienna (Austria)
1 Budapest (Hungary)
1 Warsaw (Poland)
1 Istanbul (Turkey)
1 Saint Petersburg (Russia)
1 Cairo (Egypt)
1 Jaffa (Israel) – TLV airport because Jaffa and Tel Aviv are a whole
1 Moscow (Russia)
2 Dubai (UAE)
2 Karachi (Pakistan)
2 Mumbai (India)
2 New Delhi (India)
2 Kolkata (India)
3 Singapore (Singapore)
3 Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
3 Jakarta (Indonesia)
3 Macao (China)
3 Hong Kong (China)
3 Perth (Australia)
3 Manila (Philippines)
3 Shanghai (China)
4 Seoul (South Korea) – plus Incheon city itself
4 Tokyo (Japan)
7 San Francisco (USA)
7 Virginia City (USA) – Reno-Tahoe airport
7 Los Angeles (USA)
7 Las Vegas (USA)
7 Mexico City (Mexico)
7 Dallas (USA)
7 Tulsa (USA)
8 Chicago (USA)
8 Atlanta (USA)
8 Detroit (USA)
8 Quito (Ecuador)
8 Philadelphia (USA)
8 New York (USA)
8 Santiago (Chile)
9 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Where they are on the globe
It’s amazing how close the graph is to north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection of the globe:

Central white circle is the North Polar Circle. North Pole is noted by letter N.
Inner edge of digital circle is the South Polar Circle. Outer edge of digital circle is the South Pole.
Distance from the center to every dot is proportional to the distance from the North Pole to the appropriate city.
Direction is due to longitude.

• South Asia (Zone 2) and Europe (Zone 0 and 1) are in one Indo-European language family. This explains why they are in one modularity class of the graph.
• All six official languages of United Nations are in the center of the graph. Again, as in the megacities graph.
• By the way, the map is similar to the UN logo. Zone 0 was on the right of the first logo. Now Zone 0 is on bottom of current logo so that Western hemisphere is on the left and Eastern hemisphere is on the right.