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Megacities as a graph

World civilization is based on the cities and the relationship between them.
In terms of distances on the graph, language is more important than just geographic location.
So, for civilization, language is more important than just geographic location.

Divergence between the graph and the world map
Asia. South Asia and Far East are different wings of the graph.
Africa. CAI (Arabic) and LOS (English) are not neighbors.
America. BUE is near MEX (both Spanish). SAO and RIO is not between BUE and MEX.
China. CAN (Cantonese Chinese) is not near of BJS and SHA (Mandarin Chinese).
. PAR (French) is not near LON (English). LON is near NYC (English).
NB: French is Romanic as Spanish and Portuguese. English is Germanic.

Total 26 megacities (agglomerations over 10 millions people). Vertices of the graph.
Connections are regular direct flights between megacities. Edges of the graph.
Visualizing of the graph is force-based: connections are equally elastic; system is calmed.
• Atlantic Wing — MEX, BUE, SAO,
RIO and LOS. Center is BUE.
• Indian Wing — THR, KHI, DAC, CCU,
and BOM. Center is BOM.
• Pacific Wing — CAN, JKT, MNL, OSA. Center is JKT.
• East Central — SEL, SHA, TYO, BJS, MOW.
• West Central — LON, IST, NYC, PAR, LAX.
Both East Central and West have 5 cities and 13 red dots.
The center has all six official languages of United Nations.

Black circle: vertex is peripheral; maximum 2 stops to every city. Eccentricity equals 3.
White circle: vertex is central; maximum 1 stop to every city. Eccentricity equals 2.
White circle, blue ring: central; such cities are full cross-connected. A maximal clique.
Size of circle is due to number of cities connected by direct flights.

IATA codes:
TYO    Tokyo (Japan)
SEL    Seoul (South Korea)
MEX   Mexico City (Mexico)
DEL    New Delhi (India)
BOM   Mumbai (India)
NYC    New York (USA)
SAO   Sao Paolo (Brazil)
MNL    Manila (Philippines)
LAX    Los Angeles (USA)
SHA    Shanghai (China)
OSA   Osaka (Japan)
CCU   Kolkata (India)
KHI      Karachi (Pakistan)
CAN   Guangzhou (China) – a code name is out of European name of the city, Canton
JKT     Jakarta (Indonesia)
CAI     Cairo (Egypt)
MOW  Moscow (Russia)
BUE    Buenos Aires (Argentina)
BJS    Beijing (China)
DAC   Dhaka (Bangladesh)
IST      Istanbul (Turkey)
RIO     Rio-de-Janeiro (Brazil)
THR    Tehran (Iran)
LON    London (UK)
LOS    Lagos (Nigeria)
PAR    Paris (France)

Globality is due to GaWC
4 dots — alpha++
3 dots — alpha+
2 dots — alpha
1 dot — alpha-
3 mini-dots — beta+
2 mini-dots — beta-
1 mini-dot — gamma

World map